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    I have always relied on light and movement as a central component of my work. This is evident in my earliest painterly large-scale abstract photographs. These works consist of complex structures of numerous labyrinths creating whimsical, organic, fluid abstractions. I refer to these abstractions as “photonastic” or the response to light in kinetic energy. The interrelatedness of my work is further explored and translated into my “kinetic blow paintings.” Here I engage the intimacy of my own breath to create these unique vernacular organic forms utilizing shellac-based inks, dyes, and acrylics. I refer to kinetic energy as a means of defining and constructing my process. I am greatly influenced by the kinetic movement artists and principles of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Harmut Bohm, and Jean Tinguely. The dynamic gravitational interaction and suspension that exists in my paintings, sculptures and reliefs draw me closer to my commitment to the metamorphosis that transcends mediums.



   The parallel between the process of cell duplication and the evolution of forms within my work set up the foundation for my transformative process. I see the forms in each body of work as a cell, translating the processes, equations, value sets, or theories into DNA; stored data that can be later spliced to create new cells. As the whole body expands, the cells appear mutated in relation to each other, creating a visible evolution of cells using similar DNA.



    My work is composed of sequences and processes by chance and inspired by mathematical equations and theories. Kinetic energy and mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot have been key influences in my work. From these theories, I synthesize my own set of values that correlate with my process of thinking and creating. These values and thinking are the foundation to establish a set of parameters to facilitate my work. I seek to create my own set of criteria. I strive to have a sense of chaos within a structure of an organization. My focus is always to create what appears to be a system of binary points and codes that randomly and organically come together. 

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